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Here you will find some resources and services for RISC OS.

RISC OS emulators

To start more easily in the RISC OS world, we offer you a ready-to-use emulator dedicated to Windows. RPCEmu (GPL license) here comes preinstalled with RISC OS 5 (Apache license).

Unzip the archive and click on "RPCEmu-Recompiler.exe". Note that the executable "RPCEmu-Interpreter.exe" is also present. It's slower, but compatible with more PCs. Use it if your computer crashes with "RPCEmu-Recompiler.exe".

*RISC OS 1812 (233 MB)

*RISC OS mini 1812 (22.2 MB)

Other offer, BootToBasic, a light solution based on RISC OS, that boots directly into BBC Basic.

* BootToBasic 1812 (10.6 MB)

RISC OS applications

32-bit patches

SPatience ARMv7 patch for SPatience 1.28

Unix ports

* BogoMips 1.3

* Dhrystone 2.1

* flowerMarks 97

* rulerMarks 97

* Whetstone 1.2

Native applications

* Chapeau2 - Graphic test. Based on the source code of Jean-Pierre Weber.

* Cursors - Change the colour of mouse cursor.

* GCD - Calculates the Great Common Divisor (GCD). Use the command 'gcd number1 number2'.

* LCM - Calculates the Least Common Multiple (LCM). Use the command 'lcm number1 number2'.

* MidiReset - Reinitialise the Midi device.

* Pause - Inserts a pause in a script file. Press a key to continue.

* Prime - Checks if a number is a prime, and gives its divisors. Use the command 'prime number'.

* Primes - Finds the prime numbers. Use the command 'primes limit'.

* Reboot - Closes all opened files and reboots the system after five seconds.

* Wait - Waits 'n' centisecondes. Use the command 'wait number'.

Third party applications - Jon Scott

* Siggen2 - An Audio Signal Generator based on Siggen written by Iain Castle-Anderson.

* VoiceGen32 - Converts 8-Bit RAW signed audio into freestanding voice modules for RISC OS.

* WaveGen - Creates periodic waveforms in a similar manner to the inbuilt voices.

Applications compatible with RISC OS 5

We list here 619 applications compatible with RISC OS 5. Keep in mind that this guide is not designed to describe the applications, but to count them and test them on the different RISC OS 5 platforms. This list will be completed soon.

Topics :

* Audio (31 software): players, editors, converters, MIDI, other tools

* Data (154 software): archivers, disc tools, file tools, file systems, databases

* Fun (82 software): games, games tools, emulators, demos, sillies

* Graphics (83 software): viewers, editors, converters, vector drawing, maps, PDF & PS, 3D

* Knowledge (43 software): calculators, education, manuals, science

* Network (40 software): web, download, e-mail, chat, file sharing, screen sharing, network tools, server

* Productivity (17 software): word processors, spreadsheets, time managers, accounting, desktop publishing

* Programming (45 software): Basic, editors, programming languages, libraries, other tools

* System (115 software): font management, print & scan, desktop tools, system tools, drivers, benchmark

* Video (9 software): players, editors, converters, other tools


* RISC OS 3 applications via Aemulor (0 software)

* RISC OS 3 applications via A310Emu, ArcEm or ArchiEmu (0 software)

Free hosting service

We can host your website as subdomain of riscos.fr, or with your own domain name. It's very secure (SFTP access only), limited (no CGI, mail redirection), but 100% free.

This service is available to anyone who wants to host a website that contains at least one part about RISC OS or BBC Basic (on RISC OS, Windows, BBC Micro…), and without adverts (Google or others).

Contact us for more details.

RISC OS resources

30 wallpapers in high definition

* Part 1: from Just the sky to Scratch

127 fonts, ready to use

* Part 1: from Abyssinica SIL to Gantium Plus

* Part 2: from GNU Unifont to STIX-Word

* Part 3: from T Ball to ww_hosch

106 system sounds, ready to use

* Part 1: from Borealis to Cleanus

* Part 2: from Dream to Moblin

* Part 3: from Twinkles to Waf

Other resources

* Midi Maestro

Other services and legal bits

You want to use RISC OS for a commercial or industrial project? We provide you our expertise of more than twenty years around this operating system. Contact us at temp1267@riscos.fr and we will help you. It's 100% free!

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